By Lucy Moore

Herb — thank you so much for your interest in Lanny and his battle with cancer. He developed a cough in the fall of '97 and finally went for an X-ray and was put in the hospital. Once it was determined that he had cancer, he was sent to Houston, Texas, to M. D. Anderson [Hospital], the next morning. After several tests, the type cancer was finally determined and he was sent back to Fort Myers for chemo treatment — determined by M. D. Anderson. Lanny was on the school board at the time and during the treatments, he never missed a meeting, going to the office or attending worship services. With excellent communication between the good doctors here and at M. D. Anderson, it was determined that the time was right to remove a lung. (His cancer was determined to be a soft tissue sarcoma, but a grapefruit sized tumor was in his lung.)

Before we went for surgery, our whole immediate family were able to gather at the beach from Friday 'til Sunday, when we left in the evening.

They operated right away and were able to get the tumor and the cancer wrapped around his aorta. They were encoraged that they got it all. During his recovery his heart rate jumped over 200 causing us to stay in Houston just under a month.

We returned to Ft. Myers the end of July and shortly he was back at work — back to school board meetings, back to church and taking daily walks. He also went to the fall meetings for World Magazine and Covenant Seminary!

Life was full and wonderful for about four years during which we were able to go to Greece and Alaska. However, a check-up at the Cooper Inst. in Dallas revealed a shadow on the other lung — cancer was back!

More chemo and some radiation enabled Lanny to continue work as well as other interests for 3 more years. The last year '05 was difficult — swollen feet and hands — irregular temperature, rashes and other results of chemo. Nevertheless, he continued going to work until the end of October. He was able to spesk at the dedication of the new Suncoast Contractor's building and to be very involved in beginning a new church in North Ft. Myers as well as taking part in calling our Godly pastor Dann Cecil.

In May, he insisted on taking me on a cruise in the Bahamas. It was my last birthday with this Godly wonderful man. We had also taken a cruise through the Panama Canal Christmas '04. It was such a thrill for him to be able to do that — but it was a struggle!

November 5, we purchased a lift chair which was delivered on Monday. He enjoyed playing with it and having supper there. Tuesday, after supper, God took him home. Lanny really battled cancer and I like to think he won — allowing us to have him for a bonus of 8 years — during which time our youngest son got married and had 2 adorable children — bringing our "grand" number to 19! However, his reward after the battle was a joyous and blessed welcome to his eternal home. I miss him, but I'm so grateful for our 39 years and his Godly example to us all!

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