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I have created this website to inform my friends and family and to witness to the world. I am looking forward to my 94th birthday and hope to have this site in shape by then.

I have published three editions of "My Biography", in 1990, in 2001 (extended and illustrated), and the current electronic version of 2007. I composed the first two volumes on my personal computer and printed all the pages on my laser printer before delivering the printouts to the binder. The first edition taught me word processing, the second, how to handle jpg files, and the third has taught me how to build CDs and a website. I can provide family and friends with a printed copy of the second volume and a CD of the third volume, but I will keep the website up-to-date in the future.

I wrote the little book "Beyond Science" in 1974 and it has had an amazing distribution, all without my initiation. Before the present English version, it was published in Spanish, both by Rev. Samuel Reyes and by the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board, and has gone all over the Spanish-speaking world. The book has also been translated and published in French (Senegal, Ivory Coast), Thai, Finnish, Africaans (South Africa), and papiamento (Aruba). I traveled in many of these countries giving talks to students on the NASA space effort.

"Wonders of God's Creation" is a three-afternoon seminar that explores how science and the Creator are compatible. I became interested in genetics about a decade ago and have studied some textbooks and summarized material from textbook slides and material on NASA's website.

I have produced Commentaries for Bible Study classes over the years on Revelation, Galations, Romans, and John I.