The index of non-family-related persons contains those persons known to me that I considered as having a significant influence on my life. The listing is alphabetical by surname. Selecting the person's name gives the first occurrence in the text (chapters 2-35). Selecting a chapter number or the photo album gives a picture in which the person is shown.

Billy and Beverly Adams, Chap.34, PhotoAlbum, App.F1, App.F2
Dr. Tokumboh Adeyemo, Chap.24A, Chap.24B, PhotoAlbum
Mrs. Ireni Adeyemo
Prof. Dr. Howard Aiken
Jim and Sue Akovenko, Jason and Joshua
Dr. Louw Alberts
Dr. Norman Bruce Ames
Tony Anaya
Edna Appleberry
Mr. Tom Armstrong
Dr. Roberto Azzati
Rev. Dan Bacon
Mr. and Mrs. Baker
Elizabeth Balch, Chap.25A, Chap.25B, PhotoAlbum
Bob and Marilyn Baldwin, Chap.26, Chap.27, PhotoAlbum
Alan Baxter
Barbara Beeman, PhotoAlbum, App.F1, App.F2
Mildred Beibel
Bishop Joe Bell, Chap.22
Mr. Bierly
Drina Binedell, Chap.21, Chap.22, Chap.27, Chap.30, PhotoAlbum
Rosemary Bolton
Dennis Booth and Family, PhotoAlbum
Lance Bowen, Chap.11, Chap.22, Chap.24, Chap.25, PhotoAlbum
Cora Bowen, Chap.11, Chap.22, Chap.24, Chap.25, PhotoAlbum
Bishop Stephen Bradley, Chap.21, Chap.22, PhotoAlbum
Rev. John Bratt, Chap.11, Chap.12, Chap.13, Chap.14. PhotoAlbum
Ruth Brewer, PhotoAlbum, App.F1, App.F2
Dr. Julian Bridges
Mr. Broderick
Prof. Dr. Benjamin Brown
Bob and Fran Brunner
Rev. Jesse Bryan
Maj. William Bullis
Rev. Bob Bunn , Chap.11, Chap.13, PhotoAlbum
Bill Burdette, Chap.34, App.F1, App.F2
Bill and Lynn Burdette, wih Kip, Chap.34, App.F1, App.F2
Miss Burke
Col. Walter Burns
Mrs. Bushnell
Rev. James Caldwell
Benigno and Lydia Caminas
Dr. Howie Campaigne
Carl and Jody Campbell and family, Chap.24
Lois Cashell, Chap.32
Rev. Dann and Christi Cecil, with Caleb, Aiden, and Charis, Chap.34, PhotoAlbum, App.F1, App.F2, App.F3
Rev. Dann Cecil, App.F1, App.F2, App.F3, App.F4
Charis Cecil, App. F
Rev. Oliver Claassen, Chap.24, Photo Album
Rev. Oliver Claassen and Family, Chap.35
Lila Clark,
Harold and Hettie Conklin, Chap.11, Chap.22, PhotoAlbum
Chuck Cook, Chap.25, Chap.26, Chap.28
Joe and Greta Cook, PhotoAlbum
Dr. Charles Corwin, Chap.16, Chap.17, Chap.25, Chap.28A, Chap.28B, Chap.28C, PhotoAlbum
Elouise Corwin, Chap.25, Chap.28, PhotoAlbum
Mr. Cotton
Connie Curilla, Chap.31, Chap.34, Chap.35, PhotoAlbum, App.F
Rev. Keith Custis
Wayne and Ann Curles, PhotoAlbum
Hermel and Mary Daigle, PhotoAlbum
Rev. Bill Davis
Rob Davis
Rev. Larry Dawson
Otto DeCamp
Rev. John and Naomi deKock, Chap.30, PhotoAlbum1, PhotoAlbum2
Irmalee Smith Kerlin DeHanas, Chap.5
Stan Doerr, App.J
Jack and Joyce DeJong, PhotoAlbum
Ian and Tanya (MD) Donaldson, Chap.27
Howard Doran, Chap.17
Bob Douglas (MD), Chap.23
Mr. Arthur Draper
Austen and Elizabeth Dundas and Matthew, Chap.24A, Chap.24B, Chap.25, PhotoAlbum
Mr. J. Presper Eckert
Ernest and Joyce Elmes, Chap.27, PhotoAlbum
Emery Family:
- Reg(inald), Chap.25, PhotoAlbum
- Dorothy (nee Tarry), Chap.23, Chap.25, PhotoAlbum
- - Mike, Chap.16
- - Tony, Chap.23
Rev. Hector and Mary Espinoza
Rev. John and Dawn Fain
Carolyn Faris, Chap.27, PhotoAlbum, App.F1, App.F2
Rev. Paul and Geneva Faris, Chap.34, PhotoAlbum, App.F1, App.F2
Mr. Bob Fenn
Dick Fessel, Chap.34, App.F1, App.F2
Dick and Jennifer Fessel, Chap.34, PhotoAlbum
App.F1, App.F2, App.F3
Dr. and Mrs. Fick
Rev. David and Eleanor Fiol
Mr. James Fleming
Mr. French
Pam Gastineau, PhotoAlbum, App.F1, App.F2
Dr. Dawson Gladding, Chap.26, Chap.34, App.F1, App.F2
Dawson and Lucy Gladding, PhotoAlbum, App.F1, App.F2, App.F3
Maj. Bolan Glover, Chap.6
Leslie Goatham, Chap.21, Chap.24, PhotoAlbum
Radie Goatham, Chap.21, Chap.24, Chap.27, PhotoAlbum
Janneke Grazioli
Lt. Gen. Leslie Groves
Dr. Eugene Grubb
Earl and Wanda Guinn, PhotoAlbum, App.F1, App.F2
Laura Haas, Chap.25, PhotoAlbum1 PhotoAlbum2, PhotoAlbum3
Charles Haig
Brig. Gen. Hamilton
Brig. Gen. Maurice Handwerk
Kraig and Jody Hankins, Dana and Henry, PhotoAlbum, App.F1, App.F2
Luther Harr
Eileen Harr
Cedric Harris, Chap.27, Chap.30, PhotoAlbum
Tyree Harris, Chap.27A, Chap.27B, Chap.30, PhotoAlbum
Thelma Harrison
David and Brenda Haverstick, App.F1, App.F2
Rick and Jan Hendrix, Jennifer and Jaime, PhotoAlbum
Bob Hess (MD)
John and Helen Higson, Chap.30
Rev. Murray Hofmeyr, Chap.22
Stella Hofmeyr, Chap.21, Chap.27, PhotoAlbum
Colin and Rosie Holtman, Chap.27
Rev. Ralph and Georgia Lee Hoopes
Rear Adm. Grace Hopper
Mr. Dennis House
Jim and Barbara Howard, Chap.27, Chap.35, PhotoAlbum
Arthur Hughes, Chap.27
Stan and Marge Huie
Brig. Gen. Irvine
Astronaut James Irwin
Col. Jefferson
Mr. Seymour Jeffery
Dr. James and Avanah Jent, PhotoAlbum
Bob Johns, with daughter Jenny, Chap.27
Bob and Pam Johns, with two of three children, PhotoAlbum
Augustus Johnson
Lee and Becky Johnson, Chap.35, PhotoAlbum
Wayne and Lois Johnson, PhotoAlbum
Col. Clifford Jones
Mel Jones
Earl Jordan, Chap.32, Chap.34, App.F1, App.F2
Earl and Linda Jordan, Chap.34, PhotoAlbum, App.F1, App.F2, App.F3
Fritz and Anne Kalmey, Chap.23, PhotoAlbum
Ken and Lorraine Keet, Chap.27
Bud and Virginia Keim, PhotoAlbum
Rev. Michael Kennison
Norman Kerlin
Shirley Killosky, Chap.24, PhotoAlbum
John King
Glenda King (see Glenda King Thomas)
John and Ruth Klunder, PhotoAlbum. App.F1, App.F2
Mr. Koop
Kim, Mary Krell and Family, PhotoAlbum
Mark and Sharon Krieg, PhotoAlbum, App.F1, App.F2
Jerry, Victoria Kuhn and Family, PhotoAlbum
Mary Kumasi
Julie Labuschagne, Chap.22
Don Langenburg, Chap.34, App.L
Diane Langenburg, Chap.34, Marilyn Laszlo, Chap.24, PhotoAlbum
Rev. John and Christie Leonard, Kimberly, Katie and Betsy, PhotoAlbum
Prof. Dr. Wassily Leontief
Col. Larry Linderer
Gary, Karen Loderhose and Family, PhotoAlbum
Bob London, Chap.22, PhotoAlbum
Peggy London, Chap.22, , PhotoAlbum
Mr. Chesley Looney
Bob and Virginia MacDonald, PhotoAlbum, App.F1, App.F2
Prof. Ian MacGregor
Col. LeRoy Mann
Miguel Mansfield
Minerva Martin
Col. Robert Martin
Charles Matthai
Dr. John Mauchly
General Douglas McArthur
Lewis McCune, Chap.11, Chap.24, PhotoAlbum
Fran McCune, Chap.11, Chap.24, Chap.25, Chap.28, PhotoAlbum
Col. Oscar McNeely
Gary and Kathy Meier, with daughter Leisl, Chap.27, PhotoAlbum
Marie Melrose
Maj. Ken Merriam
Anne Elise Merritt, PhotoAlbum
Virginia Miller
Rev. Mingarius
Sam Moffett
Mr. Milton Mohr
Uncle Claude Montgomery, Chap.5
Fleming Montgomery, Chap.18
Thomas and Tina Montgomery
Lanny and Lucy Moore, PhotoAlbum, App.F, App.K
Lanny Moore, Sr., App.F
Lucy Moore, App.F1, App.F2
Rev. Bob and Mary Ann Muhlig
Boo Mullinax, Chap.26A, Chap.26B, Chap.30, Chap.34, PhotoAlbum
Eric Mullinax, Chap.34, PhotoAlbum
Mullinax Family (Eric, Boo, Kyle, Heath, and Leigh)
Mr. William Myers
George Myers
Quentin and Karen Nantz, and Family, PhotoAlbum
Lou Nelson, Chap.25
Col. Newman
Ted and Colleen Nineham
Wlliam Norris
Osamu Okamura
Rev. Osamu and Masako Okamura and family, Chap.25, PhotoAlbum
Maj. Gen. Bruce Oldfield
Glenda Parker, Chap.29, Chap.32A, Chap.32B
Mr.John Parker
Dr. Jerry Pennington, Chap.31, PhotoAlbum
Petronella Petersen, Chap.10, Chap.12
Garland Phillips
Jack and Mary Polk, Chap.22, PhotoAlbum
Martin and Bonnie Price, Chap.27, Chap.30, Chap.34, Chap.35, PhotoAlbum, App.F1, App.F2
Dr. Martin Price, App. I
Maj. George Race
Dr. Simon Ramo
Mr. James H. Rand
Albert Retief, Chap.27A, Chap.27B, Chap.30, PhotoAlbum
Hilary Retief, Chap.30, PhotoAlbum
Bishop Frank Retief, Chap.20, Chap.22A, Chap.22B, Chap.24, PhotoAlbum
Mrs. Beulah Retief
Rev. Samuel Reyes Marin
Dr. Robert Richtmeyer
Adm. Samuel Robinson
Rhona Romberg
Kenneth and Noreen Romjue
Dick Ross
Bert and Edna Rowe, Chap.28
Maj. Phil Royce
Col. (1st Sgt.) Carl Santilli
Akio Sasaki
Dr. Dale Scarborough
Dr. Francis Schaeffer
Eric and Katie Schmidt
Walter and Audrey Scott
Mr. Al Seares
Carl Seeber, Chap.17, Chap.23 (with family)
Harry and Libby Shafer, Chap.24
Col. Russell Sharpe
Rev. Ben and Amy Sheldon
Rev. Andy Silman
Dan and Diane Smith, Chap.27, PhotoAlbum
Graham Smith
Irmalee (Teenie) Smith (see Irmalee Smith Kerlin DeHanas)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Smith
Peg and Jerry Smyth, Chap.27, PhotoAlbum, App.F1, App.F2
Col. Harold Spaans
Terry Sparks
Bill Spears
St. James Church (Cape Town) massacre
Rev. John and Liz Steketee, Barbara, Paul and Beth, Chap.24, PhotoAlbum
Carla Stevens, PhotoAlbum
Jean Stone (see Jean Stone Willans)
Sullivan Family:
- Evelyn Sullivan Huff (see under Huff)
- - Sandra Pharris (nee Sullivan)
- - Willis Pharris
- - Larry
- - Pamela (nee Evans)
- - Harry
- - Marcia (nee Bond)
Table of Meetings
Dr. James, Susan Taylorand son, PhotoAlbum
Dr. Takagi
Brig. Gen. Tenant
Lt. Col. James Thomas
Rev. Dr. Rod and Glenda (nee King) Thomas and children, PhotoAlbum
Irwin Tomash
Capt. Doug Thompson
Rev. Dr. Randy Thompson, Chap.34
Brig. Gen. (Major) Townsend
Bill and Doris Tucker
Dave and Paula Valkenburg, PhotoAlbum
George van der Westhuizen
Mr. and Mrs. Van Eyssen
Ray and Shirley Van Hook, PhotoAlbum
Greg and Barb VanSchoyck, Gabi and Zach, Chap.27, Chap.35, PhotoAlbum
Greg VanSchoyck, Chap.31B, Chap.31C
Barb VanSchoyck, Chap.31B
Gabi VanSchoyck, Chap.31A, Chap.31B, Chap.31C, Chap.35
Zach VanSchoyck, Chap.31A, Chap.31B, Chap.31C, Chap.31D, Chap.31E, Chap.35
Velasquez Family:
- Carlos
- Nikki Velasquez (nee Aguilar),
- - Fabriana
Rev. Neil Verwey
Peggy Verwey
Phil Vincent
Dave Vinjie
Harry and Jane Volkner, Chap.31
Dr. John von Neumann
Glenn Voorhies
Bob and Marjorie Walter, PhotoAlbum
Bob and Bea Watson
Rev. John and Ruthie Weed, Jonathan and Valerie
Mark and Jeanne Westgate, Chap. 30
Sylvia Wicktor, PhotoAlbum
Mr. Howard Widdoes
Dr. Wilbur
Rick Willans, Chap.19A, Chap.19B, Chap.28
Jean Stone Willans, Chap.15
Jean and Rick Willans, Chap.19, PhotoAlbum
Dale and Lee Williams
Roger and Denise Williams
Mssrs. Williams, Watts and Roller
Dudley Woodberry
Mrs. Woodberry
Lt. Col. Charles Yech
Mr. Zapata
Bill and Betty Zoller, PhotoAlbum

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