This commentary is a reproduction of a course on the Book of Revelation given to the Sunday School class of the Redlands
Community Church (Homestead FL), in November of 1986. It is quite detailed, and contains a number of summaries of various
passages in the Bible which have a bearing on the message of that Book.

Since my site is on the Worldwide Web, available to all who might be interested in visiting it, I have
used only the simplest language structures in presenting complicated charts and diagrams, namely photographs of the pertinent
portions of the text. Also, for many users, the downloading of pictures may be limited to those actually desired (by clicking
on the empty frame of the desired picture), you may need to do this quite a number of times to have access to those portions
of the text which are presented from photo images.

My principal source for the interpretations presented is the popular book "More Than Conquerors" by Dr. William Hendriksen,
available from at around $10. I recommend it for anyone desiring to know as much as possible about this tremendously
interesting book.


Introduction and Interpretation
Act 1 (Chapters 1-3)
Act 2 (Chapters 4-7)
Act 3 (Chapters 8-11)
Revelation at Midpoint
Act 4 (Chapters 12-14)
Act 5 (Chapters 15-16)
Act 6 (Chapters 17-20)
The Four Major Millennium Views
Act 7 (Chapters 21-22)
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